Gujarat court sentences 96-year-old to one year in prison for committing bank fraud 35 years ago

Gujarat court has rendered an extraordinary ruling, sending a 96-year-old man who is bedridden and afflicted with numerous diseases to a year in prison for a 35-year-old bank fraud case. Anil Gosalia, the prisoner and a resident of Mumbai, was unable to physically attend the court hearings because of his bad health conditions.

Special CBI judge C G Mehta issued a conviction warrant against him notwithstanding his physical state. R G Ahuja, Gosalia’s attorney, told the court of his client’s condition and asked for leniency.

Gosalia was given a one-year jail sentence by the court, which acknowledged his incapacity to carry out daily tasks on his own and showed sympathy in light of his situation.

The judge denied Gosalia’s attorney’s request to be granted probation, noting, “People lose faith in the justice delivery system and the very purpose of the legislation will be defeated unless the court awards appropriate deterrent punishment in such type of socio-economic offences.” Unjustified indulgence or misplaced compassion will convey the incorrect message to the community.”

Gosalia was found guilty of bank fraud, and his 71-year-old son Dilip and 58-year-old nephew Vimal were also given five-year prison sentences.

Dilip and Vimal were taken into jail right away since they were in court. Gosalia’s attorney asked the court to keep him out of jail and allow him to stay on bail, which saved him from being imprisoned right away.

Through Gosalia International, a company situated in Bhavnagar, the Gosalia family was charged in 1989 with plotting to raise the letter of credit limit with State Bank of Saurashtra authorities. After the scam was discovered in 1995, a CBI investigation was conducted, and a 26-year trial occurred.

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