Tekken 8 Patch 1.03.02: All you may want to know


Tekken 8 patch 1.03.02, set to release on April 15, addresses issues from the previous patch and makes key adjustments to gameplay. Changes include fixing bugs with Rage Arts and Heat Bursts, reverting adjustments to Tornado moves, and making character-specific changes.

Tekken 8 Patch 1.03.02: All you may want to knowTIMESOFINDIA.COM

The latest Tekken 8 patch, 1.03.02, is set to address issues from the previous patch while introducing some key changes, particularly impacting gameplay strategies involving Tornado moves with wallsplatting. Here’s a breakdown of the patch notes and what to expect, as per a Dexerto report.

Release Date

Tekken 8 patch 1.03.02 is scheduled to go live on April 15 at 7 PM PST, or April 16 at 2 AM GMT. Players should anticipate several hours of server downtime, with services expected to resume around midnight PST, approximately 5 hours after the patch goes live.

Systems Changes
Rage Art/Heat Burst: Fixed a bug where opponents could move during the time freeze animation before the activation of Rage Arts or Heat Bursts, particularly noticeable during crouch grabbing.

Tornado: Reverted adjustments made in version 1.03.01 that caused issues with collision detection between characters and walls, leading to inconsistencies in certain combos. This reversion aims to address slipping through opponents and whiffing when executing a Rage Art after performing a Tornado near a wall.

Character-Specific Changes
Azucena (WR 3,2):

Increased recovery frames by 5 frames.
Reduced forward movement distance after the end of the attack duration.

Azucena’s WR 3,2 move received a significant nerf, making it harder to spam and pressure opponents, though Azucena is likely to remain a top-tier character.

Eddy Gordo:
Heat Dash: Corrected the ability to activate Heat Dash despite whiffing in specific circumstances.
Dash/Back Dash: Adjusted the input window to reduce unintended dashes or back dashes.

Back Dash:
Reverted to its 1.02.01 state due to animation data changes, restoring the back dash distance to its expected length.


Why was Azucena nerfed in Tekken 8 patch 1.03.02?
Azucena’s WR 3,2 move was nerfed to increase recovery frames and reduce forward movement, making it harder to spam and pressure opponents.

What character-specific changes were made in Tekken 8 patch 1.03.02?
Eddy Gordo’s Heat Dash and Dash/Back Dash were corrected, and Zafina’s Back Dash was reverted to its 1.02.01 state due to animation data changes.

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