Tur dal prices rise more than 10% despite open import policy

Pune: The prices of tur dal have increased by more than 10% in less than a month despite the open import policy. The pulses processing industry has claimed that it is facing supply shortages of raw tur for converting into tur dal.

Though the government suspects hoarding by importers, trade body Indian Pulses and Grains Association (IPGA) has pointed towards hoarding by exporting countries and procurement of tur dal by Gujarat as the reasons for the recent surge in tur dal prices.

In the Latur market, tur prices have increased from ₹102-104/kg to ₹115-117kg within a month, up by about 12%. Retail consumers are paying ₹160-200 for a kilogram of tur dal.

The processing industry says shortage of raw material (the whole unprocessed tur beans, which are split into dal at a mill) and high prices of imported tur have led to the recent surge in prices.

“The domestic production of tur is less this year, especially in Maharashtra and Karnataka. The import policy should allow the processors of the pulses to import pulses rather than the import houses,” said Suresh Agarwal, chairman, All India Dal Millers Association.

Though India has allowed free import of tur dal, “this year, the prices of the imported tur have remained on the higher side from the beginning of the import season. We are also facing a shortage in availability of tur for making dal,” said Rupesh Rathi, a pulses processor from Akola in Vidarbha.

Industry representatives expect prices to increase further till the end of April, after which the consumers may get some relief.

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