Man gives Rs 2k to street vendor to pack food. See her reaction

A street vendor’s act of kindness went viral as she ensured a customer didn’t leave hungry despite a shortage of food at her stall.

When the vlogger asked if she had enough food for Rs 2k, she humbly responded, “No”. (Humanity saviour/Instagram)

Ashmita Saha

New Delhi,UPDATED: Apr 6, 2024 12:35 IST

A street vendor impressed the internet with her remarkable act of generosity after a customer asked her to pack him food for Rs 2k. Despite a shortage of food at her stall, she ensured that the man didn’t leave hungry. The customer, who is a vlogger, captured this moment and shared the video on his Instagram page last week.

The vlogger, seeking to purchase food worth Rs 2k, approached the vendor only to find out that she didn’t have enough food to meet his request. Undeterred by the situation, the compassionate vendor assured him, “I will not let you go hungry.” Declining the payment upfront, she insisted on serving him food first and accepting the money later.

When the vlogger asked if she had enough food for Rs 2k, she humbly responded, “No,” expressing regret that she didn’t have ample supplies that day.

With sincerity, she conveyed, “Mere paas khana nahi bachaa aaj. Sorry, bhai (I don’t have enough food left today. Sorry, brother).” However, she assured him that she would still provide a meal and refused to let him leave on an empty-stomach.

Despite the shortage, she insisted he ate. “For you, I can make one thali because that much food is left. I won’t let you go hungry.”

Emphasising her commitment to kindness, she affirmed, “You can ask anyone, I don’t let anyone go hungry who comes to my shop.”

Watch the video here:

The video, showcasing the vendor’s compassion and selflessness, quickly gained traction on social media, resonating with viewers and garnering praise for her exemplary act of kindness.

Several compare her act with that of a mother’s. “Real definition of a innocent mother.” Another said, “You are my mother.”

“This is why in India mothers are considered as God,” another comment said.

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The video has gone viral with over 8 million views on Instagram.

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Ashmita Saha

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Apr 6, 2024

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