Saturn’s rise and lunar eclipse coincide on March 18

This year’s Holi is considered very special because Saturn will rise on March 18th before Holi, and on the same day, the first lunar eclipse of the year is expected to occur.

Success will be achieved in work. There will be an opportunity to complete long-pending tasks. Acquisition of new opportunities is possible.


Taurus will benefit financially. There will be positive changes in life. New responsibilities will be acquired. There will be a good situation in the workplace.


Success will be achieved in all endeavors. Health will be very good. Mental stress will be relieved by the grace of Lord Saturn.


Virgo natives will obtain results according to their hard work. There will be great success in jobs. Position and prestige will be obtained.


Promotion can be obtained. People will be enchanted by your speech. There will be good profit in business.


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