WPL 2024: Gujarat Giants enjoy fun outing

By Sabyasachi Chowdhury

The WPL 2024 season has created a stir among cricket followers, with fabulous performances and thrilling matches

Amidst the stress of fiercer battles, the Gujarat Giants’ cricketers found pause to unwind and share a fun outing

The contingent, including illustrious cricketing figures like Beth Mooney, Harleen Deol, and Kathryn Bryce, took a break from the demanding schedule to indulge in a fun-filled excursion

It was a sight to behold, seeing these intense competitors donning a light-hearted demeanour, bearing no traces of the gruelling on-field battles ironically a few hours away

Australia’s Beth Mooney, a key opening batter for the Gujarat Giants, showcased her affable side, laughing away with her peers, capturing interesting moments of amusement via her camera lens

Harleen Deol, the swivelling Indian allrounder, shared infectious laughter, ticking off from her bucket list some of the most unique experiences

Being a part of this delightful gathering, Scottish Katheryn Bryce, too, seemed to surrender herself to this splendid break

Every avenue echoed the laughter and jubilant banter of these sportswomen, only proving that beyond the boundary lines, exists a strong camaraderie.

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