BOE to manufacture iPhone SE 4 displays

According to an industry source, BOE will likely be supplying the bulk, if not all, of the 6.1-inch OLED panels for the upcoming iPhone SE 4. Reportedly, Samsung dropped out of the race due to the low pricing Apple was offering for each panel.

BOE to manufacture iPhone SE 4 displays

The report claims that a single 6.1-inch OLED unit costs around $30 at Samsung, while Apple was offering $25. Moreover, the same source suggests the the price is lower than even what the Chinese makers are asking.

With Samsung out of the picture, BOE and Tianma remain, with BOE probably taking all of the orders for the iPhone SE 4.

People familiar with the matter say that Samsung wasn’t all that invested in the deal to begin with due to low margins, so once Apple asked for an even lower price per unit, Samsung just ended the negotiations.

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